Is your sales data incomplete?

Sustainable growth comes from understanding the entire funnel,
from interest to acquisition and retention.  Today’s sales dialers
don’t have the reliability or workflow integration to report on the full picture.

We’re out to change that.

Go beyond activity reporting

With the right perspective, you can understand how your reps
are spending your most valuable resource: time

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Know what

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Know how
it happened

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Measure quality
of the interaction

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Know how much
time was spent doing it

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“There are simply too many ways for our, reps and clients to communicate.  Too many tools in too many contexts to unify the data. Truly helped us see it all through one lens.”

– Dave Koslow, President

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Capture every conversation, no matter where it takes place

Truly automatically tracks calls across every device and service, so you get one consolidated view of every customer conversation.  We cover Mobile, Desktop, Deskphone, Conference Room Phone, Web Conferencing, Calendar/Mobile-Calendar, Salesforce/Salesforce1 and more, with zero behavior change.

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Enrich your sales reporting

50% of sales activities are untracked or incomplete.  Truly’s platform uses its deep integrations and machine learning to enrich activity reports for SDRs, AEs, Success Manager and Account Managers.

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Correlate rep behavior and activities to outcomes

Profile the effectiveness of your sales machine across hiring, training, and management to get actionable insight.  Leverage reporting in Truly, your CRM and Data Warehouse.

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Improve process by pulling
the right levers

No rep gets left behind, when they have a single platform for sharing/tracking structured feedback over time.  See which reps are responding to coaching and which managers are driving change.

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Take Off

Get hard numbers on sales capacity, revenue quality, customer satisfaction, churn risk and more.  Make the right investments at the right time.