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What Is Sales Process Optimization?

The Shortest Path To 2X'ing Revenue Isn't Doubling Headcount Or Leads

A Perpetual Cycle of Efficiency Gains

Salesforce Data Analysis

Traditional sales reporting provides high level metrics like leads, activities and win rates, but doesn't help you understand the individual behaviors and events that drive results. This leaves you with only one optimization lever -- doing more -- and gives you diminishing returns over time.

Sales Process Optimization models your activity data against your sales process continuously to help you understand exactly which behaviors (time to response, active listening, hour of day) lead to the right outcomes. It helps you understand the highest leverage areas to improve and gives you real-time feedback into whether or not your process/training changes are having impact.

This gives you unparallelled agility

5 Pillars Of Sales Process Optimization

Complete Data

Zero Touch

You can't rely on humans to 'follow process' to source your CRM data. There will always be differening behaviors, circumstances and incentives that lead to low-confidence reporting.

Activity tracking must be complete, invisible and work without any human intervention.

Accurate, Contextual, Complete

Managing relationships is an art. So is modeling and presenting data.

In order to convert your team into true data-believers, it's not enough to show them generic analyses and expect them to change behavior. You need a framework to collaboratively iterate on your analyses and experiments.
Centralized Data
Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Every business and customer journey is unique. Generic AI models and cookie-cutter automations can't possibly capture the many nuances that your team/leaders know about your customers.

Analytics software must be customizable enough to leverage these insights.

Quality Control Over Short-Term Gains

The Toyota Production System has been proven as the gold standard in process optimization, allowing companies to dominate in competitive markets for decades (Toyota, Zara, Amazon).

When you make quality your focus, you unlock a perpetual cycle of efficiency gains that make execution a long-term competitive advantage.
Real Time
Fully Customizable

Useful to All

Activity Tracking is only 'big brother' when the information is only available and useful to management.

When you make the data work for everyone (reps, management, analysts), the quality of every conversation and decision is elevated. This is where magic happens.

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