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What Is Revenue Agility?

Outmaneuver the competition by better understanding and adapting to your cutomer's needs

The World Has Changed

More Competition: In the past 5 years, competition in each SaaS category has gone up 3x (src: OpenView). Incumbents are entering new segments and disruptors are carving out new niches faster than ever before.

Higher Expectations: At the same time, the average NPS has gone down by 10 points. Consumers expect an Amazon-like experience everywhere.

Team Selling: With the shift to Recurring Revenue, sellers have to align more people than ever before (executive sponsors, solutions engineers, implementation, product and customer success) before they can unlock the true revenue potential of a customer.

CRM Wasn't Designed For The Modern Buyer's Journey

Modern Buyers Journey

With Revenue Agility, You No Longer Need To Sacrifice Process For Data

Today, most of our sales interactions are virtual, giving us unparalleled potential to 'see' into our customer conversations with data (over 1 Trillion words are spoken on Sales/Support calls vs. 2.7B Twitter words!)

Revenue Agility allows you to tap into this data, quantify it (with traditional and modern AI techniques) and create powerful reporting/automations to accelerate your business.

6 Pillars Of Revenue Agility


Data Confidence

Your team can't make high quality decisions quickly if they think they're missing information. The stakes of guessing are just too high when you're trying to close deals or performance managing reps, so most people will delay action until they are confident in their decision.

You need to make sure that your team has a high degree of confidence in their data, so they can minimize time to action and revenue.

Lean Stack

Technology is moving faster than ever before and giving agile companies an unfair advantage in how they engage their customers at scale.

You need to be able to change parts of your stack at any time to take advantage of the latest technology, without difficult change management and complex tradeoffs.


Markets are moving faster than ever before. Every week, competitors are expanding product offerings while disruptors are carving out niches. As the economy adjusts to a post-COVID world, customers' budgets and business strategies are changing daily. You can't afford to wait for weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting cycles to adapt to these changes.

You need your data to be real-time to thrive in this rapidly changing world.

One Shared Lens

Everyone on the team views the world through their own lens, with unique context and experience. The inability to reconcile these differences leads to mistakes, frustration and time-consuming meetings.

To bridge this gap, you need to get every person on every team seeing/hearing the customer voice themselves. The easier it is to find, consume and collaborate around this information, the better your outcomes will be.

Put The Customer At The Center

Customers have more choice and higher expectations than ever before.

In a recurring revenue world, you have to earn the business every day. Customer obsession is the only path to long term success.

Empower The Front Lines

Nobody is better positioned to understand and satisfy the customer faster than your front line reps.

The best SaaS companies excel at delivering exceptional clarity (information + process) to their end users, let them exercise their judgment and deliver data-driven coaching to improve outcomes over the long run.