Sales Calls. Solved.

All-in-one sales dialer, phone system and IT management solution for small enterprises

“We knew we had 80% of our activity data in Salesforce.  We just didn’t know which 20% was missing.”

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Call Reliability. Solved.

Say goodbye to glitches, call drops, and other interruptions. Truly’s proprietary network eliminates these issues at global scale.

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Data Accuracy. Solved.

Every call and text, logged against the right Salesforce contact, account and opportunity, with 2x the accuracy of your legacy dialer.

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Call Recording Compliance. Solved.

Maximize data capture and minimize risk, with the first enterprise-grade compliance solution for sales recording

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Phone System. Solved.

The first phone monitoring solution for proactive detection and resolution of issues.

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“We believe that the phone system of the future is a smart utility- invisible, ubiquitous and a productivity driver.  We saw that from the start and built the only solution that aligns the needs of Sales, Sales Ops, IT and the CFO.”

– Erol Toker, Founder

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“The best product and team in the space” – Charlie Bergevin, Sales @ UBER

Trusted By Thousands of Enterprise Reps

  • The best phone system and dialer out there, and I've used just about all of them. Rock solid product and team.

  • Simple, Scalable and Enterprise Grade. Truly has everything our IT org needs to succeed.