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Unified Analytics For Salesforce

Finally, you can answer every sales funnel question in Salesforce

Enhance The Salsforce Data Model

Salesforce's data model wasn't built for modern funnel analytics, which is why everyone struggles to run their reporting natively within the platform.

Our Salesforce package augments your instance so it isn't constrained by these limitations.

IT Monitoring
Activity Data Enrichment & Native ETL

No longer do you have to spend time doing data cleanup on Activities that are tied to different objects, or figuring out how to track changes in your opportunity funnel.

Truly's Salesforce native ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes all of your data so you no longer need to run your analyses in Excel, Redshift, Tableau or other tools.

As a result, you can make data driven insights accessible to everyone across the organization, in the platform they use every day.

Salesforce Dashboard

Get All Your Sales Funnel Analytics Natively In CRM

Today, 90% of sales funnel analysis takes place outside of Salesforce, in spreadsheets, BI platforms, and sales tools. This is because Salesforce’s default configuration wasn’t designed for modern sales analytics.

Our software enhances your CRM’s data model and enriched your data to allow you to centralize all aspects of your reporting in one system, including:

Cadencing Analytics
Opportunity Progress Analytics
Conversation Intelligence Analytics