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Video Meeting Recorder

Record Your Web Meetings And Sync Them To Salesforce

Trusted By Category Defining Sales
& Customer Success Teams

I love how you are able to listen to other colleagues calls while training. That live feature helped me significantly when I was training. I also like that you can see who is actively on a call.

Jackie F
NewFront Insurance

Truly is great because it easily integrates with Salesforce to track my activity - both calls and texts. I also love the voicemail drop feature, as well as the mobile app that syncs flawlessly with my iPhone.

Taylor S
Cloud Kitchens

I love how I can switch my number based on the purpose of my call and how easy Truly is to use. It's awesome I can listen to any of my colleagues phone calls at any time. It was a tremendous learning tool for me in my new job. The voicemail drop function is a game changer.

Billy B

Your Very Own, AI Powered NoteTaker

Now you can put all your focus on the customer conversation instead of taking notes.

Our meeting bot ensures every meeting automatically recorded, transcribed, analyzed and synced to your CRM, making it easily discoverable/searchable for later use.

And with our Revenue Process Automation framework, our bot can even automatically update key CRM fields without you having to lift a finger.

Get Your Company Communicating

One Unified Experience Across All Devices

Our meeting recorder doesn't require any change of workflow.

No matter how you choose to connect to your web meeting (desktop, conference bridge, mobile app), our bot will be there waiting for you.

Works Across Meeting Providers

Sales reps are often forced to use more than one meeting solution to accommodate customers and partners. In many cases, these meetings can't be recorded and logged.

That's why we built our meeting bot to work with multiple meeting providers, so your reps can minimize friction for customers while still knowing that their data will be captured.