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Phone System

Flawless Audio Quality. The Best CRM Integrations. Unmatched Support.

Trusted By Category Defining Sales
& Customer Success Teams

I love how you are able to listen to other colleagues calls while training. That live feature helped me significantly when I was training. I also like that you can see who is actively on a call.

Jackie F
NewFront Insurance

Truly is great because it easily integrates with Salesforce to track my activity - both calls and texts. I also love the voicemail drop feature, as well as the mobile app that syncs flawlessly with my iPhone.

Taylor S
Cloud Kitchens

I love how I can switch my number based on the purpose of my call and how easy Truly is to use. It's awesome I can listen to any of my colleagues phone calls at any time. It was a tremendous learning tool for me in my new job. The voicemail drop function is a game changer.

Billy B

Work From Anywhere,
On Any Device,
With The Highest VOIP Quality

Our proprietry platform was engineered to address the thousands of VOIP issues of the most demanding users.

Our apps are extraordinarily reliable and easy to use. We give you better call quality, faster connect times, blazingly responsive apps, realtime CRM sync, and the industry's best mobile experience.

The Last Voice Solution You'll Ever Buy

Truly is the only voice platform designed to serve the needs of all customer-facing teams, at companies of all sizes and geographies. Customizable integrations, powerful governance rules, and global presence ensure we'll be your partner for many years to come.


The Ultimate CRM Integration

Lightweight, powerful and highly customizable, our integrations are designed to log more data, improve overall data accuracy, and minimize time to insight through Conversation Intelligence capabilities.

We integrate with all major CRMs, Sales Engagement Platforms, Conversation Intelligence Platforms, and Business Intelligence Platforms. Have a custom CRM? No problem. Our APIs make it a breeze to integrate our systems.

Rated #1 In Support

No more waiting on hold. No more escalations. No more deflecting to your IT team.

With Truly, your reps can chat directly with our team of qualified IT pros, getting a response in under 2 mins, with a 98% first touch resolution rate.

This is why our customer support is consistently rated #1 on sites like G2Crowd