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Tired Of Refreshing Dashboards?

Let Bots Monitor Your Deals and Customers For You

Why Is It So Hard?

Missing Data: >50% of emails, calls, texts and meetings missing in CRM, and manual data entry is often delayed, incomplete or wrong. Managers spend just as much time filling the information gaps in CRM as they do analyzing what's there.

Missing Engagement Metrics: managers usually build complex models of deals in their head, taking into account factors like prospect seniority, engagement level, engagement trends, etc. Converting these engagement patterns into metrics requires very advanced engineering work.

Automation Difficulty: even with all the data, translating process and decision rules requires advanced product management and engineering resources to build and maintain.

Our Solution: AI Enabled Bots

Analyze Engagement: Leverage our out-of-the-box engagment analytics or build your own with our intuitive no-code platform.

Codify Your Sales Process: Translate your sales process into business logic with our intuitive interface.

Worker Bots: Let our bots analyze your pipeline continuously in the background to look for issues. Once various conditions are met, you can have the bots automatically trigger the right next best actions across your entire tech stack.

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