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Orchestrate The Customer Journey

The Right Customer Experience
At The Right Time, Every Time

The Problem With Journey Orchestration

Missing Contact Data: A quarter of all people your reps talk to don't exist as contacts in CRM while 7% are Director level or above. Marketing can't nurture contacts until they're created in CRM.

Bad Opportunity Data: reps delay creating opportunities at the top of the funnel to avoid busywork. Or they leave opportunities open for weeks/months with prospects that have gone cold. All of these stop marketing from delivering the right messaging to the right people at the right time.

Timing: each buyer in a deal needs different nurturing based on their persona, problem awareness and involvement. Today, there is no software that allows you create these hyper-personal journeys before and after each buyer meeting that takes place.

Our Approach:
No-Code Data Mining

Salesforce process automation

Truly's bots give you a new class of metadata for both activities (calls,texts,meetings,emails) and third party data (Linkedin).

Robots then let you analyze that content at scale using a combination of AI and no-code automation to segment your accounts and contacts (eg: 'Show me VPs of Sales who used to be in Customer Success and talk about NPS in their discovery call.')

This entire process takes place directly inside the CRM and can be consumed by any marketing automation platform, sales engagement platform or other tool of your choice.

Let us show you how AI Enabled Bots can drive results in just 7 days.

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