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Automate & Scale Linkedin Research

Continuously Monitor Your TAM.
Trigger Campaigns In Real Time.

Conventional Approaches To Prospecting & Research Don't Scale

Expensive: The average SDR costs $30/hour, which is 528x more than a robot. Buying a single lead from a data provider like ZoomInfo costs 11x more than generating a fresh lead and has only 79% the accuracy.

Stale & Incomplete: The rate at which prospects are changing jobs has accelerated over recent years. A recent study showed 21% of's contact database to be out of date when compared to Linkedin. Why? Because data providers scrape public sources and resell contact data from customers' CRM, both of which are often inconsistent/incomplete data sources. Even if you use SDRs to fill in the gaps, they're never going to update CRM as completely as having access to the Linkedin database.

No Ownership: Contact data providers 'lease' their contact database to you while taking your data and reselling it to others (including your competition). This is a scam model where you pay for the privilege of giving away your proprietary assets.

Our Approach:
Build Your Own Robotic Research Function

Salesforce process automation

Imagine having a dedicated research team whose sole job it is to research your TAM on linkedin, extract insights and push them into your CRM systems according to your exact specifications (including guessing/validating emails.)

Now imagine that they are perfectly orchestrated to match your process, and elastically scalable to match your requirements.

And finally, imagine that they cost 500x less than having your reps do this work, and 50x less than an offshore team.

Let us show you how AI Enabled Bots can drive results in just 7 days.

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