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Automated Personalization

Get Your Prospect's Atttention With Researched Openers

The Problem With Personalization

Slow & Expensive: most reps can only personalize ~40 touchpoints/day at a cost of $7-$15/message. This is several times more than what you'd pay on a targeted cost per click on the most targeted ads channel, and severely limits your ability to scale go to market elastically.

Difficult: companies spend hundreds of hours each year teaching reps to personalize messages and still can't get consistently high quality results acrosss the irentire cohort of reps.

Inconsistent: With every personalization strategy being a little different for every rep, you can't test content strategies and know what is 'really' working.

Our Approach:
AI Assisted Automation

Salesforce process automation

With Truly, you can replicate the actual work that your reps do including researching prospect/company data, picking out the most relevant points and converting them to human level personalization.

This data can then be pushed into any workflow, either as recommendations to reps inside their regular outbound flow or as an automated solution.

Let us show you how AI Enabled Bots can drive results in just 7 days.

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