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Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Remove Bias and Inconsistency From The Sales Equation

The Problem With Manual Data Entry

Not Enough Time: Reps already spend 5 hours a week updating the CRM, but we still end up with an incomplete view of the funnel. We train them, SPIF them, say 'or else', but there just isn't enough time to get us the information we want AND hit the sales number.

"Sales Process" Makes It Worse: CRM is hard enough to use, but in the interest of process, we add even more complexity with required fields, validation rules, etc. Reps being clever as they are find workarounds that cause your data to go from 'incomplete' to 'bad'.

It's All Subjective: What is a "DM Conversation" anyway? One of our customers found that 37.5% of the time a rep says they connected with a Decision Maker, the conversation was unengaged with the customer speaking less than 10 seconds. Structured data is meaningless with subjective interpretation.

Our Approach:
Eliminate Data Entry Completely

Salesforce process automation

We've created the only 'zero touch' activity capture platform that captures calls, text messages, emails and web meetings without reps having to do a thing.

We then transcribe, analyze and synthesize all of this conversational data, pushing it all into Salesforce to make it your single source of truth for all engagement data.

Finally, our customizable rules engine allows you to transform this data into standardized inputs across all of your CRM objects and fields, so you can get the right information into the right views automatically.

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