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Data Mining

In a Digital World, All the Answers Are Hidden In Your Activity Data

The Data Mining Challenge

Missing Data: >50% of customer engagement data never makes it out of the IT systems into the CRM (phone, text, email, web meetings). This is true with even the most tech enabled teams that buy best-in-class software.

Broken Metadata: it's not enough to know 'what' happened. It's just as important to know 'how' it happened. The only way to know this is by digging deep into the metadata, but most tech companies capture and ship only a fraction of this metadata into external systems of record.

Weak AI: human interactions are complex -- not everything customers say can be taken literally, and actions tell us just as much as words do. Accounting for these subleties requires sophisticated data preparation and AI breakthroughs that only just became a reality.

Our Solution: AI Enabled Bots

Salesforce process automation

Activity Capture Bots intelligently find differences between your IT system data and CRM data, then fill in the gaps. They also automatically join virtual events and keep a perfect record of all metadata to enable a new class of analytics.

AI Analysis Bots deliver the most advanced AI technology to front-line teams in a no-code format to allow for data processing or pre-processing.

Worker Bots enable the front-line to build workflow automations from the insights generated using intuitive no-code flows.

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