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Sales Adoption

Never Worry About Sales Adoption Again

Truly is the first 100% passive activity tracking platform. No matter what workflow your reps use to communicate with customers, we’ll capture every single interaction without them having to do anything.

This way, you are free to adapt your sales stack and fo to market tactics, without worry about data migrations, data disruptions, or vendor lock in.

Salesforce Dashboard

Get All Your Sales Funnel Analytics Natively In CRM

Today, 90% of sales funnel analysis takes place outside of Salesforce, in spreadsheets, BI platforms, and sales tools. This is because Salesforce’s default configuration wasn’t designed for modern sales analytics.

Our software enhances your CRM’s data model and enriched your data to allow you to centralize all aspects of your reporting in one system, including:

Cadencing Analytics
Opportunity Progress Analytics
Conversation Intelligence Analytics

Expand Sales Visibility

Understand the building blocks of rep performance. What are they doing? How are they doing it? How efficient are they at each stage of the funnel? Are they focusing on the right opportunities?

With pre-built Salesforce dashboards, we allow you to answer all of these questions, with powerful drill downs and navigation that allows you to see what happened on every deal.

And our real-time communications platform will enable you to guide your reps to success by joining their calls and web meetings on-demand, from anywhere, at any time.

Team Dashboard
Get Your Company Communicating

Increase Sales Agility

Enable everyone in the company (C-Suite, Revenue, Marketing, and Product) to get visibility into the revenue funnel and the converations that drive success/failure.

Drive better and faster decision-making by executing as a cross functional team.